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Kaushik Satish

Mortgage Agent Level 1

Kaushik Satish

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I live and breathe Real Estate. As a Real Estate Investor, Realtor & Mortgage Agent, I try my best to go above and beyond for my clients in executing every step of purchasing/selling real estate.

Whether you are looking to move out of your current home or purchase an investment property, I will try my best to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible!

Kaushik Satish

Mortgage Agent Level 1
What year did you get into real estate?


What languages can you speak?


What’s your favourite part of being a mortgage agent?

Closing Deals and Making My Clients Happy

What is your favourite hobby?


Do you have any nicknames?


What’s your dream car?

Mercedes Benz GLE AMG 63 COUPE

What is the last thing you ate today?


Where were you born?

Chennai, India

Lastly, what’s the first thing you notice about people?

Their Body Language

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