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Mortgage Brokers

Financing the Smart Way!

Founded by Sterling Wong; Search Mortgage Corp. (SMC) is a mortgage brokerage working with over 100 chartered banks, credit unions, financial institutions and private investors — versus 20 from traditional sources. Having a vast network of Search Mortgage Approved Brokers (SMAB) allows SMC to focus on getting our clients the lowest rate possible, maintain a 100% funding rate and providing excellent customer service.

SMC Mission

SMC’s mission is to maintain a 100% funding rate, offer excellent interest rates and to provide an even better customer service experience. With a concierge to call you once a week to make sure your needs are met until the money’s in your hands. We strive on helping Canadians save thousands while making their dreams of home ownership a reality, utilizing industry leading tools and technology.

Search Mortgage Approved Broker – SMAB

Search Mortgage Approved Brokers or SMABs are mortgage brokers or agents who have a proven track record of processing over $100M annually in funded mortgages. To qualify to be a SMAB a mortgage agent/broker must have a proven track record of $100M+ in funding‎ on an annual basis. Our advantage is that we get to use SMAB’s for those really hard deals to approve or for getting those really amazingly low interest rates.

Search Mortgage Approved Agent – SMAA

A Search Mortgage Approved Agent is a Search Realty Corp., Brokerage real estate agent who has passed all 15 courses in our Search University program with a 75% grade or higher. These agents have had end to end training. They can price a home accurately and will negotiate the best deal possible for their clients as well as understands the ins and outs of mortgage financing.

241 Promo Rates

Buying a home? Take advantage of our 241 Promo Rates. Use one of our Search Mortgage Approved Agents (SMAA) to buy your next home and we will guarantee you the lowest rate. We’ll not just to match our competitors rates, but we’ll beat it! Finally a mortgage company offering piece of mind that you will get the lowest rate possible…guaranteed!