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Sonia Kaur

Mortgage Agent

Prior to becoming a Professional Mortgage Agent, Sonia acquired valuable personal experience through her education and employment. After earning her Masters’s Degree in Computer Science, she worked as a Research Documentation Mentor and Content Writer.

Sonia was then employed with Staples Canada, first in Customer Service, then advancing to the position of Supervisor of Customer Relations/Escalations in their Canadian Head Office. During her work transition to Supervisor, Sonia learned many facets of business operations at Staples, including time spent in the Financial Department. Through her frequent personal interactions with clients in all departments, she acquired superior communications skills and strengthened her administrative abilities for her eventual work as a Professional Mortgage Agent.

Passionate professionalism, combined with a strong education and employment background ensures that Sonia’s efforts to assist her clients with their Real Estate Mortgage needs are her first priority.

Sonia Kaur

Mortgage Agent
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