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Marisa Villarin


Marisa is dual licensed as a Realtor and Mortgage Broker. Working with her will be beneficial in your real estate journey. Some of the benefits are:

1. As a Buyer in offer presentation or bidding situations, you will have an edge since she will have a very good gauge of how much you can afford; Listing agents/Sellers will feel confident of your Offer since they are
aware your Realtor/Mortgage Broker has pre-qualified you in DETAIL and has seen your credit report (with your written consent).

2. As a prospective Seller, a free consultation with Marisa will assist you in deciding whether you can afford to sell and buy or vice versa after all your debts/liabilities are inputted in the different scenarios.

3. Marisa can assist with refinancing and debt consolidation with in-depth analysis accompanied with a detailed written report.

4. Marisa can offer free consultation for first -time home buyers (both for financing and neighbourhood/product knowledge).

5. Marisa can offer the best mortgage options for clients (first-time homebuyers, move up or downsizing, and seniors).

6. Working at the same umbrella Brokerage (Search Realty Corp. and Search Mortgage Corporation), Marisa takes advantage of the Brokerages’ leading edge and aggressive marketing plus a massive co-brokering with over 100 chartered banks, credit unions, financial institutions and private lenders.

Contact Marisa today (+1-416-890-8098 or Text, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger) or email: or

And take advantage of her knowledge and expertise both as a Realtor and Mortgage Broker.

You can also download her mortgage app:

What year did you get into real estate?


What languages can you speak?

English, and Tagalog

What’s your favourite part of being a mortgage agent?

Fulfilling dreams of owning a home

What was the most recent compliment you’ve received and savoured?

That I am hardworking and I never give up.

What is your favourite hobby?

Going to the gym and dancing

Do you have any nicknames?


What is the last thing you ate today?

Quinoa Salad

Where were you born?

Manila, Philippines

Lastly, what’s the first thing you notice about people?

Their eyes

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