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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

New e-Signature Software – You all have access to this online eSigning software which works straight out of Gmail or you can login to the website to electronically sign documents or send your clients documents to sign electronically.


All notifications are sent to thebullpen@searchrealty.ca just keep this in mind. Some agents are going into thebullpen@searchrealty.ca creating a filter so that anything from @hellosign.com with subject: Your Name gets forwarded to your email address, this way you don’t have to login to thebullpen@searchrealty.ca to view these eSignature sign backs.


Here are the login details:



Login: thebullpen@searchrealty.ca

Pswd: thebullpen


Link to these instructions:



Link to all logins and passwords:


Please view the tutorial here.

1 Lead per 50 Words






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  1. Turn on Video Call in Google Calendar
  2.  Copy Link and email to client: (In case they can’t find the link in their Calendar)
  3. Click “Join”
  4. On left hand side, Share your screen:
  5. Call lead on a regular phone.
  6. How to record your webinar/presentation
  7.  Draw Area to Record
  8. Record
  9. Edit and Save to GDrive
  10. Share the Video
  11. Send the Video To Your Client

For further details please click here.

Free Leads, Practice & Close Deals!


Account Information:

Login: thebullpen@searchrealty.ca



Gmail (Google Docs)



RingCentral Desktop & Mobile App (647.557.3437 or ext. 97)





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Yes, paid leads and the 20 leads you get for paying the entry fee are both 80/20. Whereas the BullPen leads are 60/40.

Step #1. Click on Saved Filters > z : SR Leads.

Step #2. Filters > Registration date > Enter the date range you’re looking for.

Step #1. Add a purple SG label. SG stands for Self Generated.

Step #2. Add the CINC URL (link that goes straight to your lead) to the Return-a-Lead Form (Look for your name).

You can do this (finding out your SR purchased lead count) yourself by following the steps here.



    1. Make note of how many times the lead has filled out a form. Returning users are always hot!
    2. Make note of what the lead is asking for and reply accordingly.
    3. Remember NEVER to ignore a leads request, no matter what!
    4. Reply within 1hr! If you reply within the first 5mins you will most likely get an appointment.


  1. INITIAL CALL – MUST call the lead as soon as it comes in or within 1hour
    1. The latest please reply within 24hrs!
    2. Note: Your appointment ratio will drop by 400% if you wait the next day.
    3. Follow the script accordingly, keeping in mind the subject title of the email that came in. (the initial lead).
    4. If no success your first call. Send a quick email answering:
      1. Their question,
      2. Offering help,
      3. Noting your attempt to reach them via phone and
      4. Your contact info.

      1. Note: Do not make these emails long, short and to the point.

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    1. Make a call attempt to book for DETAILED home evaluation/listing appointment
    2. If you get a hold of the lead or not, email the CMA using our CMA template.
    3. Print out the email you just sent (CMA) and snail-mail it to the lead with your business card and our commission rate sheet.
      1. Follow up in 2 days.
    4. Create a reminder (call activity) to check for recent solds, once a month.
      1. After sending this email, follow up with a call 2 days later.
    5. Repeat until you get the listing appointment.

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  1. Create a folder for each of your clients. Name the folder according to their last name, first name. e.g. Smith, John
  2. Create a folder within this folder. Name this folder the address of the property you just closed. e.g. 123 Tree Cres.
  3. Insert all relevant documents required to complete the file within this folder.
  4. Make sure you include and follow the Deals Checklist, which can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4LL1UUGR8Qra2VqUGlGekVhQkE
  5. Right-click on the file and click Share

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Schedule B & C can be found in our Google Drive.

The link you need for Schedule B:

The buyer agent can also deposit cheques directly to their nearest RBC, send them this document which contains our Trust information.